{Wedding Photography} Andy and Amanda

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January 4, 2016 by chelsielopez

This wedding was so special and full of love- it brought me such joy going back through all the details and special moments of the day as I collected my favorite shots for this post. Thanks so much Andy and Amanda for the honor of capturing your beautiful wedding day!

IMG_5113IMG_5119IMG_5123IMG_5124IMG_5126IMG_5145IMG_5147IMG_5162 (1)IMG_5165IMG_5177IMG_5221 (1)IMG_6375IMG_6376IMG_6377 (1)IMG_6394IMG_6396 (1)IMG_6399 (1)IMG_6406IMG_6428IMG_6433IMG_6475IMG_6487IMG_6490IMG_6502IMG_6519IMG_6545IMG_6565IMG_6570IMG_6579IMG_6584IMG_6591IMG_6622IMG_6630IMG_6656IMG_6672IMG_6666IMG_6706IMG_6714-2IMG_6714IMG_6736


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